Accelerate your AI adoption process

Alvíss AI offers several functionalities that will help you integrate AI into your products simply and quickly.

Kickstart your project with pre-trained models

Pre-trained models allow you to start using Alvíss AI with minimum effort to initialize your project. No need for data and hours of training. You can pre-trained models to make prediction on your data right away. Most capabilities also allow you to incrementally train a pre-trained model further with your dataset, which can help you reach the desired performance on your specific problems faster than training new models from scratch. 

Highly configurable models

Different network architectures suits different kind of problems. Despite default values that enable quick start, you can choose to configure the models to better perform for your use-case. For example, we offer wide variety of network architectures for each domain, including both well established technology commonly used in the industry e.g. ResNet for Image Classification and other alternatives that are based on promising recent researches. That means a lot of model improvement can be achieved by tweaking the configurations, instead of having to implement the model yourself.

AI as a Service

Our streamlined workflows of building, deploying and maintaining models can reduce time and cost by over 90%. With AIaaS approach, we handle all computing infrastructures. You can instead focus entirely on your research and development. Once the model is ready, you can start using it in your application right away. Alvíss AI also includes user interface that helps you separate concern between ML model development and programming.

Seamless integration using Alvíss api

Alvíss AI is developed as an API-based service. We provide extensive API endpoints that allow you to access all functionalities via HTTP calls. By calling the endpoints programmatically, you can simply integrate the models to your application regardless of your development environment.